The Albanian Boys Inc. is an ethnic gang consisting mostly of Albanian immigrants and Albanian-Americams and is mostly based in the Bronx. They are made up of several crews and sets guarding Albaniam neighborhoods from rival Hispanic and Black gangs that may pose a harm to the Albanians. Founded on the early 1980s, they hold small pockets of territory throughout New York City mostly in the Bronx. 


The ABI is a small time gang that's duty is to protect the Albanian neighborhoods of the Bronx against the Hispanic and Bronx gangs. In the early 1990s, the ABI was very active in street fights, vandalism, and drug dealings. This further increased as the Albanian Rebellion of 1997 and Kosovo War of 1999 happened respectively and various Kosovar refugees moved to New York City to start life up.

The ABI grew as a resulr. In the early 2000s they were under the wing of the Rudaj Organization, a powerful Albanian mafia family. Since the downfall of the Rudajs in 2004, the ABI went back to their basic dealings of "protecting" the Albanian neighborhoods. The Albanian Boys also makes various rap videos and music as seem around YouTube.

The Bloody AlbozEdit

Various veterans of the ABI made an offshoot called the Bloody Alboz (TBA). The Bloody Alboz is made up of entirely Kosovar Albanian immigrants and are seen are somewhat more violent and aggressive. They remain very close allies with the Albanian Boys Inc and maintain good relations with them against their enemies.


  • Because of New York's lower crime rates, its assumed that the Albanian Boys are a small time ethnic gamg.
  • They hold small territory in the central-northern Bronx in a middle class neighborhoods.
  • It's assumed that most members may be armed with basic weapons such as pocket knives. Some members may have guns or submachine guns (Uzis or MACs).
  • In Grand Theft Auto 4, the Albanian Mob featured in the game is based off of the Bloody Alboz and Albanian Boys Inc. They hold territory in Little Bay (Brooklyn) and Bohan (Bronx). The Albanian Boys Inc hold territory in the Bronx.
  • The gang first started out woth teenagers, however most are adults and the gang may even have adults.
  • The gang's purpose is unknown, however most assume they may be just to protect Albanians and Albanian neighborhoods held in the Bronx. The gang may also serve as a "protection truce" amongst the ethnic Albanians.
  • They are known to get into many street brawls and school brawls against Hispanic and Blacks.